Join our Team

We are looking for a few individuals to join our ranks not only as DJ’s but as support staff to help build the Subspace Radio brand. What positions are we looking for you might be wondering? We are glad you asked.

Marketing Assistant
The Marketing Assistant will be responsible for helping promote Subspace Radio in every direction they can think of! This includes Twitter, Facebook, and everything else! Those thinking about applying should have the following requirements:won’t be paid as this is a volunteer position

Ad Writers
While every ad you’ve heard on Subspace Radio has pretty much always been done by our DJ’s, we are looking for dedicated writers to come up with new content! Writers have full creative control over their ads and other staff members are always more than happy to lend their voice to you.

DJ’s / VJ’s
So you want to be a DJ or VJ for SubSpace Radio? Awesome! We are always looking for outgoing people to bring on new shows and content and this is the first step.
To be a DJ on our station, you will be expected to provide some degree of content based on the station’s target audience. This content is not specified, but should include discussion topics, events and event promotion, news and competitions with direct relevance to the station.

If you believe you can handle any of these positions, please visit our recruitment page that can be FOUND HERE.

Thank you for considering being apart of Subspace Radio!